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The objective of this course is to provide an introductory overview of basic acoustics as related to a variety of applications. Course focuses on understanding the fundamental concepts and techniques of air-borne sound, as well as audio engineering and noise control engineering.

Topics include: 

  • Acoustic Waves in Air and Solids
  • Speech and Hearing
  • Decibels dB; A- and C- Weighting Scales
  • Frequency Analysis: Spectrum and Octave Band
  • Sound Reflection, Transmission, and Refraction
  • Directionality of Sources, Receivers, and Arrays
  • Loadspeakers and Audio Systems
  • Microphones and Sound Intensity Probes
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Sound in Rooms and Ducts
  • Outdoor Sound Propagation
  • Environmental Acoustics and Community Noise
  • Acoustic Filters and Noise Mufflers
  • Other topics of interest to course participants

Learning Options:

  • On-site tailored instruction: Three-day on-site class
  • Web-based self-paced lessons: Video streaming
  • On-line mentoring: To be selected

Also see Noise Control Engineering

  • Web-based self-paced lessons: Flash movie with six topics

Course Materials:

  • Each student receives a copy of the instructor's course notes.
  • Optional texbooks are available at an additional charge

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