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The objective of this course is to provide an introductory overview of noise and vibration control with relevant applications. Course focuses on understanding the fundamental concepts and techniques of controlling sound waves in air and vibrations in systems and structures.

Topics include:

  • Basic Sound and Vibration Concepts
  • Source-Path-Receiver Model of Noise Control
  • Sources of Tonal and Broadband Noise: 
     - System and Structure Considerations
     - Flow-noise and Flow-induced Responses
  • Machinery Vibration and Control:
     - Damping, Isolation Mounts, Dynamic Absorbers
  • Noise Control Treatments:
     - Barriers, Sound Absorption and Decoupling
  • Basics of Active Control
  • Examples of interest to course participants

Learning Options:

  • On-site tailored instruction: Three-day on-site class
  • Web-based self-paced lessons: Flash movie, six topics
  • On-line mentoring: To be selected

Course Materials:

  • Each student receives a copy of the instructor's course notes.
  • Optional texbooks are available at an additional charge

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