The objective of this course is to provide a refresher of basic engineering mechanics concepts and principles. Course focuses on understanding how to set up, analyze and interpret the static and dynamic behavior of simple mechanical systems.

Topics include:

  • Review of basic vectors and matrix mathematics
  • Creating free-body diagrams with forces, moments and couples
  • Resultants and equilibrium force systems on rigid bodies
  • Forces in trusses, beams and structures
  • Review of basics of stress-strain relationships
  • Shear and moment diagrams, Mohr’s circle
  • Centroid and moments of inertia of machines and structures
  • Frictional Forces
  • Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies (linear and angular)
  • Conservation of work and energy
  • Conservation of impulse and momentum
  • Introduction to simple mechanical vibrations
  • Topics of interest to course participants

Two Learning Options:

1. On-site tailored instruction: Two- to three-day on-site class

2. Web-based self-paced lessons with weekly on-line mentoring with instructor (see demo of this version of course)

Course Materials:

  • Each student receives a copy of the instructor’s course notes.
  • Review textbook with worked-out examples.

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